• As compared to the previous releases,
    • MIPCL-1.6 supports mixed-integer Second Order Cone Programming (SOCP);
    • MIPCL-1.7
      • detects formulation symmetries and then uses them when doing branching;
      • mps_mipcl-utility reads files written in the free mps-format;
    • MIPCL-1.8
      • improves the performance of symmetry detection procedures, and allows the users to switch off these procedures.
    • There have been so many improvements since the MIPCL-1.8 release, so it is right time to introduce a new major release MIPCL-2.
        In particular, to improve MIPCL performance when solving MIPs of very large size, the key auxiliary dense arrays were replaced with sparse ones.
  • The Book Mixed Integer Programming: Models and Methods may be interesting for those who are interested in the methods implemented in MIPCL.
  • The files you can download here come without any warranty. Use at your own risk!
  • Currently you can download MIPCL for the following platforms:

    Product Platform Version File Size
    mipcl 64 bit PC: Linux 2.6.1 7.0 MB
    mipcl 64 bit PC: Windows 2.5.4 7.4 MB
    mipcl-py 64 bit PC: Linux 2.6.1 2.0 MB
    mipcl-py 64 bit PC: Windows 2.5.4 2.5 MB
    mipcl-py 32 bit PC: Windows 2.5.4 2.3 MB