MIPCL Examples

  • MIPCL comes with many examples developed to ease using the MIPCL libraries.
  • All example applications are contained in the "$MIPCLDIR/example/mipcl" directory.
  • Since all the examples are available in source code, they are useful for teaching mixed integer programming.

primer A very simple application that will help you get started working with MIPCL quickly.
fcnf Fixed Charge Flow Network Problem. The application shows how to implement a class for solving mass MIPs).
infLP Simple application that solves an LP with unfeasible domain and prints a certificate of unfeasibility.
subgraph Maximum cost subgraph with restrictions on node degrees. The application demonstrates using MIPCL for solving MIPs with exponentially many constraints represented via separation subroutines. The application also demonstrates using multiple copies of CMIP (or CLP).
oneMachine Single Machine Scheduling problem. This application shows how to implement user defined branching rules.
cutStock Cutting Stock Problem. This is a standard application for demonstrating column generation.
genAssign Generalized Assignment Problem. This is a standard application for demonstrating branch-and-price.
tsp Traveling Salesman Problem. This complex application demonstrates
  • simultaneous cut and column generation;
  • storing cuts in user's pool.