MIPshell Examples

  • MIPshell comes with many examples developed to ease using the MIPCL libraries.
  • All example applications are contained in the "$MIPCLDIR/example/mipshell" directory.
  • Since all the examples are available in source code, they are useful for teaching mixed integer programming.

prodMix A very simple application that will help you get started working with MIPshell quickly.
fcnf Fixed Charge Flow Network Problem. The application shows how to implement a class for solving mass MIPs.
assembly Assembly Line Balancing. This is the problem of distributing a number tasks among work stations arranged along a conveyor belt.
facilityLocation Service Facility Location. The problem is to locate facilities close to the customers to enable faster delivery goods and services.
procLayout Process Layout. The problem is to place departments with large amount of interdepartment traffic adjacent to one another.
multLotSize Multiproduct Lot-Sizing. We need to determine an aggregate production plan for different products on a number of machines for a given planning horizon.
electrGenPlan Electricity Generation Planning. The unit commitment problem (UCP) is to develop an hourly (or half-hourly) electricity production schedule spanning some period (a day or a week) so as to decide which generators will be producing and at what levels.
batch Short-Term Scheduling in Chemical Industry.
portfolio Portfolio Optimization (Markovitz's Model). The application demonstrates generation of cuts in MIPshell.